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January 24, 2013
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How To Paint Realistic Lips (Youtube Tutorial) by Iris-ArTuts How To Paint Realistic Lips (Youtube Tutorial) by Iris-ArTuts
:star:YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIAL: [link] :star:


Credit time:
*Brushes used for textures :iconnathies-stock: :heart:
*Artwork, video tutorial Me.
*I picked up the reference image randomly from Google -any copyrights belong to their rightful owners.
*This is a non-profit tutorial and serves only educational purposes.

:star: If you are interested to see more of my tutorials, here is where you have to squeeze: [link] :star:


General info: If something doesn't make sense or / and if you have any questions about the tutorial, please feel free to ask! :D I'm new in creating videos, that's my excuse. :blush: I painted the lips from scratch in Photoshop CS4 with Wacom Tablet Bamboo and finished it in approximately 10 hours more or less.

Introduction: My tutorial is about how to paint realistic lips with photoshop in my way of working regarding texturing / nailing / refining/ colors / shadows / lights. The goal of this tutorial is giving you ideas about your painting styles, inspire you and show you of how to translate what you see into your own painting styles. :heart: Because painting is a language! :D

Now, before you watch this tutorial, I would highly suggest you practice with your brushes and test them in several modes, opacity and colors. Also, test them over other colors, for example, see what effect has a dark brown color on a beize one, in different brushes (yes, even the ones that give texture-effects), brush modes and opacities. The brushes I used for textures come from :iconnathies-stock: -my all time weather brushes apart from others- and the carcoal brush is an accustomed brush which comes along with photoshop. Plus, it is needed you have knowledge of how Photoshop works. :heart:

*Remeber that brushes for texturing, can have more than one usage. For example, I use a lot the dust brush, the one with small dots inside, for achieving the texture of leather, or add small lights on lips, skin or dust :XD: Let your imagination free and experiment with Photoshop tools! :D Also, listen to music that speaks to your heart and summons your Muse (aka inspiration). A total must when I paint. (I didn't insert inspirational music / the music I hear while painting in my video due to copyrights but you can always squeeze the mute-button. :XD:)

*Try to "invent" alternative ways of creating your artworks so that you have options / alternatives in your working procedure which will save you from "I-got-seriously-stucked-here" moments -let alone more "toys" to play and experiment. :XD: (For example, one of my alternatives is that I could have painted those lips directly with colors and use blending tool -before refining-. :) )

More info: There is no need of giving me credits or something like that, I merely want this tutorial to be helful and useful to you and cover your painting needs. I am a self-taught artist myself and I can feel how important this is for someone who is trying to learn how to paint. However, I would be very, very happy to see how my tutorial helped you out with your art, so, if you remember me, just drop by and show me what you have created! :heart:

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and above all, find it useful. :heart:
Thank you for viewing and have a good and joyful practicing! :la::heart:

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vril1 Apr 4, 2014  New member Professional Photographer
love it
Iris-ArTuts Aug 2, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
your welcome . . . i really need it for my drawing style . . .
thanks for the help :) (Smile)
Stuart-Dillon Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Iris-ArTuts Mar 28, 2013   Digital Artist
Hard to believe you drew that! Damn that looks awesome!
Iris-ArTuts Mar 12, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you! :heart:
Fayerin Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wwwwoww this looks so realistic i love it :love::heart: you have improveed to much :nod: a mouth ago i saw works of yours and today i saw again and woww really :) and i understand what is being a self taught digital painter :) it's hard!! so keep going :aww:
Iris-ArTuts Mar 8, 2013   Digital Artist
Awwwww thank you so very much for your lovely and encouraging words!!! :hug::love:
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